Yaros Communications, Inc.
is an authorized developer of educational apps
for Apple IOS, Android, Windows Phones
and Blackberry devices plus iBooks.


The key to a successful app is its application for mobile users or how users quickly obtain personalized, interactive and coherent content without things that terminate engagement.

Yaros Communications relies on cutting edge research of mobile designs, user behaviors, and comprehension of content to develop a new model for digital storytelling. The goal of the model is to communicate info to three types of audiences at the same time.

Since 1988 - well before today's mobile technology - more than 120 local television stations licensed our educational software that supported science and health education. These projects still coordinate free classroom materials with reports featured on one local TV newscast. More than two million classrooms have registered these projects.


Content on the TV newscasts addresses the free classroom materials to enhance science and health literacy. Best of all, it's free to all teachers and viewers. There is no equipment to purchase or maintain.

  Weatherschool is the registered trademark
 and service mark of Yaros Communications